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8th Annual


In Kyoto, Japan

March 24 - March 30, 2025









Whether you are a seasoned practitioner
or new to the field of acupuncture, this seminar will provide you the opportunity
to immerse yourself in Japan's refined style.



Japan’s historic capital of Kyoto lends itself to exploration of a most unique collision of ancient and modern worlds.



Attend lectures on topics ranging from Japanese style facial rejunvination acupuncture to Shoni-Shin Pediatric Acupuncture to Palpation Diagnosis and Applied Moxibustion



Kyoto remains the home of authentic Japanese cuisine, offering many specialty eateries for sushi, tempura, soba, and ramen.



Watch master acupuncturists practice
using traditional Japanese methods, and observe clinical rounds.



Kyoto has hundreds of fascinating sights to explore, scattered over several distinct districts, each with their own atmosphere and ambience.


With Cherry Blossoms in bloom and golden rays warming the Land of the Rising Sun, there is no better time than spring
to visit Japan and partake in a unique and exciting learning opportunity. The Japanese Acupuncture Study Tour is being held
in the historic town of Kyoto from March 24 - March 30, 2025.


A limited number of practitioners and students are being invited to join in an exceptional learning and cultural experience.

The study tour is a 7-day scheduled program, which includes:

Arrival, Orientation Meeting and Welcome Dinner.

6 days of didactic and practical learning with Japan's premier acupuncturists.

One day of guided sightseeing throughout the historic town of Kyoto.

Closing Ceremony and Certificate of International Study.

Daily Meditation practice to help to raise our vibration and enrich the senses!

41 CEU's / PDA's pending.

Translation provided.

Dr. Atsuki Maeda / California Provider #1153 / NCCAOM Provider #1253 / Category 1

Cancellation after December 31st, 2024, will result in full responsibility for the program fee.
Cancellation or withdrawal after the program has started will result in the forfeiture of all fees.



About Japanese Acupuncture and the Program:

Japanese style acupuncture has long been revered for its gentle needling,
precise approach and highly effective clinical results. Whether you are a
seasoned practitioner or new to the field of acupuncture, this program will
provide you the opportunity to fully immerse in this very refined system
of acupuncture which is rapidly gaining popularity in the world as patients
and clinicians alike awaken to the allure of this subtle yet very potent
method of healing.


Situated in the renowned historic spiritual city of Kyoto steeped in temples
and inordinate charm, this program is designed to greatly enrich and polish
the senses while developing and refining the acupuncturist’s skills and
technique of reading the body and working with subtle energy. You will learn
a broad spectrum of healing approaches and come away with skills you can readily apply in your practice and achieve lasting clinical results. The learning format consists of lecture, observation and practical experience with teacher feedback. Expect to learn a lot and greatly broaden your perspective while
laying a solid foundation for your future as a clinician.


Among the world’s most popular destinations for travel and sight-seeing,
Japan’s historic capital of Kyoto lends itself to exploration of a most unique collision of ancient and modern worlds. Home to over 1600 classical Buddhist temples and thousands of traditional restaurants, Kyoto is famed for its world-class tourism in destination districts such as Gion, Philosopher’s Path,and modern Downtown.

On day 4 of the program we will embark on a sight-seeing adventure to Ryosoku-In, an ancient Zen Buddhist Temple complex filled with beautiful gardens and treasures of Japanese Art. Here we will have an authentic Zazen (Zen Meditation) experience guided by the temple’s head monk, as well as indulge in a vegan multi-course lunch. Afterward, we will venture to Kyoto’s Arashiyama area and tour several temples, wind our way down a beautiful old-world street where we can shop at boutiques featuring local craftsmanship, and stroll through the famous Gion district.


Seminars will take place at TBA in the prime area of Kyoto, close from Kyoto Station, Gion, Kiyomizu Temple, Fushimi Inari Shrine and more. We'll have an exclusive usage of the event room in the prime area of ky. There are many shops and restaurants around to entertain you.


Each participants have a great choice of choosing and staying at their preferred hotel near the seminar venue. Each participants can take care of all accommodation fee at the time of check-out. 


The grand Welcome Dinner, a multi-course traditional Japanese dining
experience (non-vegetarian, non-vegan and non-gluten free), is included in the seminar fee. Depending on your palate and preference, lunch meals average $5 - $8, sightseeing day lunch meal is included, and dinner meals average $15 -$30 per person.



Getting around Japan is very safe and relatively easy. Travelers are advised
to bring a phrase book or download some translation Apps for your
Smartphone, and to have cash on hand in case you need to take a taxi
as they are not always equipped to accept credit cards.



Thursday, March 24th – Wednesday, March 30th, 2025.

Plan to arrive early to make sure you are able to attend the Orientation Meeting at 9am on March 28th. It is best to arrive a day or more in advance
if possible to allow time for travel, settling in and adjusting to the time difference. Everyone will stay through the end of the seminar on Wednesday, April 3rd and plan their departure for anytime thereafter.


Early Bird Special:

Practitioners   $2295

Students          $2195   

Application and $500 Deposit by October 31st, 2024

Deposit Refund Deadline: October 31st, 2024*
Due Date for Remainder of Payment: November 15th, 2024      

Refund Deadline: November 15th, 2024*

Regular Registration:

Practitioners   $2395

Students          $2295 

Application and full payment by November 15th, 2024    

Refund Deadline: November 15th 2024*

*Refunds will not be issued after the listed refund date.

*Cancellation of tour if minimum of 10 participants is not met by 11/15/2024. 14 participants maximum.


Wait List: Space is limited. In the event that you are wait-listed,
full payment will be due at the time an opening becomes available.


NOT included in pricing are airfare, hotel, transportation, meals, travel insurance and personal costs. These are additional expenses that are to be arranged by each individual traveler. (Many participants like to take the opportunity to tour around the beautiful country of Japan outside the dates of the program and this enables them the flexibility to do so at their leisure.)

The total approximated cost of the trip, projected depending on individual needs and expenses:


  • Seminar Fee: $2195 - $2395 (please see above)

  • Airfare: approximately $1000 - $1800 from LAX, other departure cities/countries vary.

  • Accommodations: TBD
    Average 18,000 yen - 250,000 yen per person

  • Travel Insurance: varies by individual, $30 - $100

  • Sightseeing day travel, lunch and entrance fees - approx. 5000 yen

  • Meals: averaging 2500 yen per person per day


Total Average Cost: $4000 -$4500
(not including personal expenses)

To begin the registration process, download the application here,

and mail or email it to:



Dr. Atsuki Maeda, DAOM, LAc, Dipl OM

Dr. Atsuki Maeda is an acupuncturist in Japan and in California who specializes in and teaches Japanese Style Acupuncture and Celestial Acupuncture, and has been practicing for over 35 years.

He is a long time professor, instructor in Japanese Acupuncture at various Universities and institutions, and the founder and organizer of the Annual Japanese Acupuncture Study-Abroad Tour in Kyoto, Japan.

Hajime Nakane


Nakane-sensei is a direct disciple of the master, Akizo Okada, specializing in Meridian Therapy style acupuncture. He is an author and lecturer, and has a private practice in Kyoto, Japan.



Shigehisa Adachi

Adachi-sensei is a young master in Japanese Acupuncture who is a practitioner, a teacher and researcher. At his private practice, he specializes in supporting fertility, pregnancy and child care with Shoni Shin.

He'll teach Qi Kou Nine Ways Pulse Diagnosis.

Yoko Ooasa

Ooasa-sensei is an Academic Dean at
Shikoku Medical College. She is a teacher
and lecturer who specializes in Japanese
style Facial Rejuvenation acupuncture.



Yoshikiyo, Okawa

Okawa-sensei is an acupuncturist and a teacher for over 3 decades. He specializes in Sugiyama style needling who is the inventor of the Guide Tube Needling method in Edo period. He'll be teaching Da-Shin Jutsu, the Hammer Needling Method.


For registration information or to ask
additional questions
please feel free to:



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